2007 Schedule 

View Pics 80 pictures Provided by Brian Kerner.
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6:30pm Doors Open
7:30pm Live Acoustic Music: Krizta Moon

8:00pm Guest Speakers - Organizational Directors 
Listen to interviews below (8 - 12 minute interviews with Jim Masters)
MP3 WMV - Mike Ryan - Director, Rhode Island Film Collaborative
MP3 WMV - Daniel Lee White - Director, Ahtspot
MP3 WMV - Lindsay Shah The New England Film Movement (Beanywood.com)
MP3 WMV - Roman Jaquez - Director, NYC Indieclub MP3 WMV - Corey Boutilier - Director, Indiefilm.com MP3 WMV - Phil Hall - Writer, Film Threat
MP3 WMV - Heidi Hamilton - Director, CT Film Office JPG MP3 WMV - Kevin Segalla President, Connecticut Film Center JPG 8:50pm Live Acoustic Music: Artie Tobia 9:00pm Meet the Producers - Producers promote their current films & pitch
future projects. View Interviews below (3-5 minute interviews with AJ Vittone) Video - Clint Mazur MyMovieNetwork.com Video - Brandon David - Producer/Director/Editor, "Bristol Boys" (Action) Demo Reel
Video - Mark Cheng - Producer "Deployment Strategy" (Sci-Fi) Video - Tom Seymour - Producer "London Betty" Rough Cut Intro (Action/Comedy) Video - Kevin Anderton - Producer NBC Comedy Short Winners