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2009 Room Schedule
4th Annual Film Industry Mixer

Saturday, June 6, 2009
5pm - 10pm
Danbury Holiday Inn
80 Newtown Rd. Danbury, CT
Parking Instructions

Meet writers, producers, directors, crews, and talent with network and feature film credits.
The event consist of 4 panels, VIP sitdown interviews,
and live performances in music, actor monologues, fashion (wardrobe & make up FX), and stand up comedy.

Online Registration: $30 until June 4, 2009 or $40 at the door on Saturday, June 6, 2009

Includes: * 4 hours open bar 6-10pm * 2 hours of food 6-8pm * DVD Demo Screens to show your work 5-11pm * Open mic Ahtspot 7-8pm & 10 -11pm

In Partnership with the CT Film Festival June 2 - 7, 2009 in Danbury, CT

5:00pm Doors Open
5:00pm Room E - Demo: Make Up  Leigh Radziwon &  Jackie Zabuska 
hion, Stand Up Comedy)
Room A (Talent Showcase: Musicians, Actors, Fas
5:50pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Laura Coyle
6:00pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Jenn London
6:10pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Leah Martin
6:20pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Parker Sharp & Jay Salois of (K)nowledge
6:30pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Artie Tobia 
6:40pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Joseph Firecrow Grammy Nominated
6:50pm Room A - Live Acoustic Music: Elza As heards on ABC's "Hopkins" and CW's "Smallville"
7:00pm Room A - Ahtspot Monologes: Host: John Ring View Ahtspot Actor Monologue Videos 8:00pm Room A - Fashion Show: Hosted by: Chris Paul Basso of Basso Productions 8:00pm Room A - Fashion Show: T-Shirt Design: Academy Printwear 8:10pm Room A - Fashion Show: 8:20pm Room A - Fashion Show: 8:30pm Room A - Fashion Show: 8:40pm Room A - Fashion Show:
9:00pm Room A - Stand Up Comedy Showcase: Host: Tim Homayoon
9:10pm Room A - Stand Up Comedy Showcase: Comedian Stacey Prussman 9:30pm Room A - Stand Up Comedy Showcase: Comedian Donny Salvo 9:40pm Room A - Stand Up Comedy Showcase: Comedian Dave Sheehan 9:50pm Room A - Stand Up Comedy Showcase: Comedian Tim Homayoon
10:00PM  After Party, Dancing, Ahtspot Talent Showcawse, More Networking 
Room F (VIP Interviews)
6:00pm Room F - VIP Int. #1 - Christo Bakalov IMDB Cinematographer "Americanizing Shelly, Whirleygirl"
6:15pm Room F - VIP Int. #2 - Colin Theys IMDB Producer, Director, Visual Effects 6:30pm Room F - VIP Int. #3 - Stephen "Deutsch" Simon IMDB Producer "What Dreams May Come" 6:45pm Room F - VIP Int. #4 - Chris Ward IMDB Writer, Director 7:00PM 7:00pm Room F - VIP Int. #5 - Patrice Hamilton IMDB Producer, Director 7:15pm Room F - VIP Int. #6 - Joe Young Young Studios 7:30pm Room F - VIP Int. #7 - Elza website Songs featured on Network TV shows such as ABC's "Hopkins" and CW's "Smallville" 7:45pm Room F - VIP Int. #8 - Andrew Gernhard IMDB Producer, Director, Editor Synthetic Cinema 8:00PM 8:00pm Room F - VIP Int. #09 - Guy Perrotta IMDB Writer,Producer, Director 8:15pm Room F - VIP Int. #10 - Aaron Vnuk IMDB Writer,Producer, Director 8:30pm Room F - VIP Int. #11 - Ron Palillo IMDB Welcome Back Kotter and Curse of Micah Rood 8:45pm Room F - VIP Int. #12 - Joe Valenti IMDB Writer, Producer, Director E8 Think Tank 9:00PM 9:00pm Room F - VIP Int. #13 - Wendy Lambert IMDB Producer "Nova: Wings of Madness" President "Palace Digital Studios" 9:15pm Room F - VIP Int. #14 - Jane Ferguson IMDB Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, A Beautiful Mind 9:30pm Room F - VIP Int. #15 - Aaliyah Miller IMDB Writer, Director
9:45pm Room F - VIP Int. #16 - Jim Amann - Hollywood East Task Force Chair
Room C (Inside Entertainment  TV show)
Hosted by  Nick Rosa & Ben Cossette  
View Interviews
6:05pm Harrison Bohrman IMDB - Co-Producer of "Bomb It" The Movie
6:20pm Jaime Ryan IMDB - SAG & AFTRA website
6:30pm Nathan Quiatrini IMDB - Actor and Assitant Director - website
6:45pm Tom Seymour IMDB - Writer, Director, Editor of London Betty 7:05pm Kevin Anderton IMDB - Writer,Producer,Director from Midnight Chimes (youtube) & Executive Director of Boston Film Night 7:40pm Sarah Nicklin IMDB - Actress from Nun of That 7:55pm Dan Cooperbey IMDB - DGA Director & Actor 8:25pm Bobbi "Funkee Boy" Tammaro - Recording Artists & Music Producer - website 8:40pm Luz Ramos IMDB - SAG Actress and Director of New England Actors Group - website
8:55pm Ryan Maloney IMDB 9:10pm Daniel Lee White IMDB Director of Ahtspot
9:25pm Gail Bugeja IMDB - SAG Actress
9:40pm Richard Chew IMDB - SAG Actor
Room D (Panelist)
6:00pm Room D - Building a film Industry CT Film Workforce
      Moderated by George Norfleet -  IMDB  Director, CT Film Office 
    1)Charles Miller  IMDB Production manager, Ocean's Eleven  Unit Production Manager, Stuart Little 2, Whirlygirl
    2)Ryan Odinak - Exec. Dir. Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County
    3)John Shafer - Film Training Program at MXCC
    4)Wendy Lambert -  IMDB Producer "Nova: Wings of Madness" President  "Palace Digital Studios"

7:00pm Room D - Movers and Shakers - View VIDEO of Panel
  Moderator: (Sam Hatch) Culture Dogs
    1)Jim Amann - Former Connecticut Speaker of the House & Hollywood East Chair
    2)Stephen "Deutsch" Simon IMDB Producer "What Dreams May Come, Executive Producer Body of Evidence, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey 
    3)Mark Lipsky IMDB Executive Producer: Coming to America, Another 48 Hours, Boomerang, Beverly Hills Cop III, The Nutty Professor, Metro 
    4)Tony Romano - Red Brick Entertainment, LLC
    5)A.D. Calvo  IMDB Goodnight Films, Other Side of the Tracks, Trailer
8:00pm Room D Panel Scorpio Films: "Nun of That", View  Trailer - View VIDEO of Panel
      Moderated by Deena R. Merlen, Esq. of Reavis Parent Lehrer LLP
(Left to Right on Panel)
    1)Co-Writer/Producer - Theodore Marr
    2)Director of Photography - Jacob Larimore
3)Actor/Fight Choreographer - David Lavallee, Jr. 4)Actor - Alex Cipolla 5)Actress - Sarah Nicklin 6)Actor - Michael Reed 9:00PM 9:00pm Room D Panel: Firesite Films presents"Curse of Micah Rood" View Trailer Moderated by Brian Ellsworth 1)Screenwriter - Nick Checker 2)Director - Alec Asten, of Firesite Films 3)SPFX Makeup - Ben Chester 4)Actor - Ron Palillo 5)Wardrobe - Lisa Taylor
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