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2011 Film Industry Mixer Meet and Greet

Thank you to our wonderfull staff who kept the evening organized. Our parking staff fit over 250 people on one lawn. Great job.
Our 3 bartenders kept the liquids flowing and the two chefs dished out an amazing spread of food.



Exec. Director - Neal Thomassen
Producer - Alexander Andriulli

Master of Ceremonies - Brian Ellsworth
Assistant Host - Natalie Nightwolf

Catering: Jacob Fava from Oden Gourmet & Tony Lasardo

Special Thanks
Big Thanks to Dennis Savage for helping in cleaning on Thursday.
Young Studios for providing tables.
John Edward Kopec for providing a sound system
Alan Drouin for opening up his home to the creative community.
Bill Hamell and Alec Asten for A/V Set up.

JodyLynn Talevi - Graphic Design for FIM Signs
Shari Rosenthal - Video Playback 1 (6-8pm)
Melissa Torriero - Video Playback 2 (8-10pm)
Lindsey Pearsall - Video Playback Assistant 1 (5-7pm)
Malcom Cameron - Video Playback Assistant 2 (7-9pm)
Lindsay Thomassen - Door Person
Nancy Ferrante - Front Door Assistant
Kelly-Ann Parillo - Front Door Assistant
Paul Leone - Lighting for Musicians
Marc D'Amato - Bartender 1 (Beer) upstairs
Jamie Lynn - Bartender 2 (Beer) upstairs
Maureen Sweeney - Bartender (Wine) downstairs
Alec Asten - Production Set up - Thursday Night
Bill Hamell - Production Set up - Thursday Night
Dennis Savage - Parking 4:30 - 6:30pm (Grand Entrance Greeter)
Leslie Jean - Parking 4:30-6:30pm (Row Coordinator)
Jamie Joseph - Parking 4:30-6:30pm (Alignment Specialist)
Keith Thomassen - Security
Nick Checker (Crew)
Cassandra Em (Crew)
Jeff Boratko (Crew)
Shari Rosenthal (Crew)
Ed Mason (Crew)
Judith Nutkis (Crew)

Brought a Dish
Vilinda McGregor Williams - Chilli
Michelle Rae Berg - cheese, crackers, & pepperoni platter
Sharon Challenger - Humus and Pita Chips
Adrianne Balcom - Mixed Green Salad
Ned & Sharon Farrell - Sweet Potato Pasta

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