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Show your Demo, Trailer, or Pitch a Project

In order to show your demo, trailer, or make an announcement about a project, event, festival, or premiere; contact: Neal Thomassen on facebook or at


1) RSVP Yes HERE and click the Share button to Share event.
2) Email Neal Thomassen the time & title of the demo, trailer, or project,event,festival,premiere you would like to speak about.
3) After the above is completed, you will be added to the event page. Please note that we are doing first come first serve this year.
4) There is no extra cost to show your work. Only the general entry fee of $20.
5) No Obscene or Offensive material Please. If you are unsure, please send Neal a link to your video.


Pay General Admission $20 at door
Bring -R DVD and give to Video Playback person along with your name, title, and time of video.
Please make sure you did not burn a data file (MOV, AVI, WMV, etc)


The Schedule allows up to 5 minutes to show your video and/or make an announcement. This is a fast paced event that is only meant to give people a taste of your talents. Less is more. Leave people wanting more. It is not a film fest.
We only want to see some of your best work.


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